DUMPLING ROLLING! Celebrate with a two hour dumpling rolling party.

Kids Parties
We provide dumpling wrappers and veggie filling, and show the kids a variety of dumpling folds. Once they’ve mastered the basics, kids get creative and make all sorts of dumplings grow ups would never think of - tacos, sandwiches, butterflies and more. We cook up their creations and serve them with dipping sauces! While the dumplings are cooking, kids participate in a craft project (decorations provided). With the kids exercising their culinary muscles, parents can enjoy a cocktail and sample dishes from our menu.

Office Parties
We provide vegetable, pork and chicken fillings, and our Tibetan dumpling rolling expert will demo a few different dumpling rolling folds. We cook up your team's creations while you enjoy a cocktail and sample dishes from our menu.

We can accommodate dumpling rolling parties for up to 40 participants at $25 / person. Sales tax and 20% gratuity will be added to your final bill.

Call us at 347.987.3830 or email us at info@heyheycanteen.com to make your dumpling rolling party reservation!